1. Panel tanks for water/liquid storage - Overhead/Elevated/Rooftop Tanks:
(Prices are 30% lesser than RCC tanks. Our tanks come with 3 years written warranty free supervision at the time of cleaning)

Our Panel Tanks are available in capacity from 10,000 Litres to 5 Million Litres. The material used is Zinc aluminium steel. Zinc aluminium steel has 4 times the life of Galvanized steel. The tanks come with a heavy duty Polyethylene Reinforced Food Grade Liner. Our Standard tanks are designed for liquid storage with a pH level between 4 & 12. These tanks can be used for storage of effluent or waste water, sea water, molasses, wine or other alcohols, juice & alkaline/acidic chemicals as well.

2.  STP :(Sewage/Water Treatment Plants) or ETP (Effluent Treatment Plants)
As an economical, beneficial, & excellent replacement of conventional RCC made STP/ETP tanks, we provide complete solution for Sewage/Waste Water Treatment or Effluent Treatment Plant (tanks + electromechanical) with tanks made of Zinc aluminium steel. Zinc aluminium steel has 4 times the life of Galvanized steel. Right from the collection tank to treated water tank to filters & softeners, everything is engineered as per site requirements. 

3.  PVC Geo-membranes: (Prices are 50% lesser than RCC)
Our PVC Geo-membranes are used in a variety of applications, such as:

  1. Water reservoirs for rain-water harvesting.
  2. Pond-lining for artificial lakes and irrigation of farms.
  3. Re-lining of new or old Concrete & RCC Tanks
  4. Landfill lining to protect the ground water from contamination.
  5. Landfills capping to prevent fluid flow in the landfill, to trap and properly vent the gases generated during decomposition of organic waste and to permit efficient re-vegetation and restoration of the area.
  6. Reservoirs for waste-water to protect the groundwater sources.
  7. Irrigation canals as an economic alternative to concrete and compacted earth for transporting water and irrigating large areas. Also used to reduce seepage from existing deteriorated concrete linings.
  8. Protection of lake banks for soil stabilization.
  9. Tunnels protecting the structure against humidity and water pressure.
  10. Earth dams for soil stabilization.
  11. Underground insulation of chemical plants, petrol stations & roads to prevent chemicals, oil etc. from polluting the underground water in case of a leakage.
  12. Mining for preventing contamination of the soil and underground water and permitting extraction of precious metals by heap leaching, using chemical solutions.
  13. Tanks secondary lining for preventing pollution in case of leakage or chemical spill.
  14. Insulation of buildings & construction projects
  15. Evaporation basins
  16. Aquaculture Water reservoirs for fish breeding.

4. Grain Storage Silos: (Our silos come with 5 years written warranty.)
Zain Traders design and manufacture grain storage and handling systems. We enjoy excellent reputation for superior system design capabilities, engineering, high quality materials, and craftmanship. We offer Grain Storage Systems that consist of steel silos, handling equipment, monitoring systems, aeration systems, automation systems etc. The silos can be used for grain, rice, seed, corn, wheat storage & the capacity ranges from 10 Tons to 10,000 Tons. The steel used for silo manufacturing is in ASTM: A: 653 standards. Special galvanize  plating is used for superior corrosion resistance, and other standard galvanized plating of the sheets is (G-140) 450 gr/m2 zinc coating and (G-115) 350 gr/m2 zinc coating according to the customers request.
The side wall sheets are chromate coated besides the galvanized coating. The chromate coating protects the galvanized coating from the harmful effects of the handling, carrying and storage.
After designing with CAD-CAM program as per the site requirement, the silos are manufactured with CNC controlled machines.

Our Silos are of two types:

  • Commercial type Flat Bottom base storage silos.
  • Commercial type Hopper Bottom base storage silos
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